Toksport WRT drivers completed Rally Sweden

Toksport WRT drivers completed the second round of World Rally Championship in Sweden. Toksport WRT had 3 cars driven by, Yigit Timur, Henning Solberg and Eyvind Brynildsen. The experienced Henning Solberg / Ilka Minor duo completed the rally in 7th position at WRC2 following their teammate Eyvind Brynildsend / Veronica Engan just by 1.2 seconds […]

A good start to season

Toksport WRT drivers had a successful weekend at WRC Rally Sweden.  A small mistake cost Finn driver Janne Tuohino valuable times but he kept his pace and scored 2 times, second fastest stage time in  WRC2 . On the famous Colins Crest jump, Jarmo Berg flew to 33 meters with a 10th longest jump overall. […]

Toksport WRT to race in WRC Rally Sweden

Toksport WRT will be racing with 2 crews in Rally Sweden as the opening round of 2018 season. Finnish drivers Janne Tuohino and  Reeta Hämäläinen will be competing in Skoda Fabia R5. The second Skoda Fabia R5 will also be driven by Finnish drivers Jarmo Berg and Rami Suorso and both crews will score points for […]