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Toksport WRT Announces Marvin Dienst as New Driver for DTM

Toksport WRT is thrilled to announce that Marvin Dienst will be joining their team as a driver for the remaining half of the 2023 DTM season. With a successful history of collaboration spanning three years, Toksport WRT is excited to welcome back Dienst, who brings a wealth of experience and a track record of excellence.

Marvin Dienst’s journey with Toksport WRT began three years ago, marking the inception of a partnership that has consistently demonstrated competitive prowess in the motorsports arena. The team and Dienst have showcased their dedication, talent, and a shared commitment to achieving remarkable results, making this reunion a momentous occasion for both parties.

In a significant highlight of his career, Marvin Dienst secured victory in the Prototype Cup Germany last year, driving under the Toksport WRT banner alongside Berkay Besler. This achievement not only underscored his exceptional driving skills but also showcased the synergy between Dienst and the team’s collective efforts. As he steps into the DTM for the second half of the 2023 season, Dienst is set to contribute his expertise to Toksport WRT’s pursuit of further triumphs on the international stage.

“Dienst’s return to Toksport WRT is a testament to the strong bond we share and the shared passion for excellence in motorsports,” said Team Principal Seyhun Duru. “We have witnessed Marvin’s remarkable journey and growth over the years, and we are confident that his skills and dedication will play a crucial role in propelling the team to greater heights in the DTM series.”

Marvin Dienst expressed his enthusiasm about reuniting with Toksport WRT and embracing the challenges and opportunities that the DTM season holds:

“I’m super excited that Toksport WRT is giving me the opportunity to drive in the DTM with them. We have a three-year relationship with the team, which has yielded many good results. I hope this positive trend continues, and I will give my utmost effort to achieve the best possible results. The DTM is a prestigious platform and championship that every racing driver dreams of participating in. However, joining the DTM mid-season won’t be an easy task, considering that most of the field has already completed numerous races and tests using different setups and tire configurations. Nevertheless, the high level of trust that Toksport WRT has placed in me is inspiring, and I’m confident that we will carry our successful history into the DTM in the future.”

As Toksport WRT and Marvin Dienst embark on the next chapter of their journey together, motorsports enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate witnessing their collaborative pursuit of victory and excellence in the DTM series. The second half of the 2023 season promises to be a thrilling spectacle as Dienst takes the wheel and continues to build upon his impressive legacy with the team.

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