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Toksport WRT made an amazing start to the ADAC Prototype Cup Germany last week in Spa-Francorchamps. Berkay Besler and Marvin Dienst won two races took place in two days.

To summarize the fantastic weekend; in their first official practice session Berkay Besler and Marvin Dienst topped the leaderboard, showing their confidence with the car. Qualification sessions were also good, if not the best. In the first session, Berkay Besler was only 0.039 second away from the pole position. Second qualification session was also very similar; as Marvin Dienst also missed the pole position by 0.541 seconds. But our times were satisfying for the very first sessions for the season, as we were on the second step of the first row.

Berkay Besler started the first race but shortly after the start, the safety car deployed in the opening lap. As the race restarted five laps later on lap six, Berkay Besler tried to put pressure to take the lead but it was already due for a mandatory pit stop and a driver change. After driver change, Dienst first moved up from third and then applied some pressure to leading driver. However he was interrupted by a full-course yellow phase just as he was about to attack for the lead. Dienst waited patiently until the race restarted and then made his move into first place and pull away from the field. In the end, first race was won by Toksport WRT.

On Sunday 24th of April, it was time for the second race. Pole-sitter Marvin Dienst successfully defended first place at the start. But again with another car stuck on gravel trap, red flag was shown to stop the race. After the re-start, Dienst retained his position at the front of the field until he came in for the mandatory pit stop. However, Besler and the Toksport WRT Ligier returned to the track in second place. But Berkay Besler managed to take the lead back and then put a good amount of distance between him and his rivals which he maintained until the checkered flag.

The second weekend of the ADAC Prototype Cup Germany will take place on 16-17th of July in Nürburgring.

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