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From Ice to Tarmac Roads of Croatia

Studded tires are out; slicks are on: We are at Croatia Rally 2021. This time not three, but with four cars.  Andreas Mikkelsen – Ola Floene and Marco Bulacia – Marcelo der Ohannesian competing in WRC 2, Emil Lindholm – Mikael Korhonen and Fabrizio Saldivar – Carlos del Barrio competing in WRC 3. 

Andreas and Ola started the rally with a good pace but just in the second stage, they lost a wheel in the stage after their suspension collapsed. So all they could do was to fight for the power stage, which they won with an outstanding performance and recover precious points for the team. Bulacia and der Ohannesian were fourth through the most of the rally but on the penultimate stage, they managed to take a step onto the 3rd step of the WRC 2 podium.

Our WRC 3 contenders Emil Lindholm – Mikael Korhonen started the rally at sixth place, but quickly gained positions. They were second in early stages of the second day and kept their positions till the end. Toksport WRT’s second duo Fabrizio Saldivar – Carlos del Barrio became sixth in the WRC 3 category as our young driver gained important experience on the Croatian tarmac.

Our drivers will head to Portugal for the next event to extend the lead in championship, which also will be the first gravel rally of the season.

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