Podium Success in Antalya

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Akdeniz Local Rally Championship, which organized by Antalya Motorsports Club, is finished after tarmac rally this weekend. Teams run on Hillclimb race on Saturday and a tarmac rally made of 6 stages on Sunday. Championship leader Mustafa Soylemez with his Toksport made Evo 9, was successful to protect his leadership after Hillclimb on Saturday. He came second at Category 3 and with the points he gained, he was ready to boost on Sundays stages as a championship leader.

Unfortunately, his Evo could not carry on because of its bended gear linkage, after an impact in the middle of the stage. Despite he left the rally without points, Toksport Driver could manage to finish the Championship on second place.

Toksport’s newcomer for the 2009 season Omer Erdem was also at the podium of the Championship. He finished 3rd with his Evo 8 on Saturday’s hillclimb, while he caught by rain just after his start.

Erdem was on the leaderboard on Sunday’s Tarmac Rally until he struggle with a flat tyre on 3rd stage. He decided to push hard to get the rally lead as well as championship win. But on the very last stage, he slid and off the road. Erdem was retired after hitting his Evo’s back.

The rally was made of 6 stages. 8,90 km and 6,50 km tarmac stages were run twice. These 2 stages were combined and the new 16 km stage were run twice again. Teams had to drive 62,8 km special stages in total.

Toksport was very close to get the title with its two drivers. At the end of the weekend Istanbul based team had 2 drivers on the podium.

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