Gamble on rain

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Second round of the Turkish Hillclimb Championship was organised at Kartepe on Sunday. Drivers climbed up on 4,2 Km. tarmac stage for 3 times. First and second runs were held under dry and warm weather conditions but just before third run mild rain made the surface very slippery and this forced drivers to a lot of mistakes. Toksport driver Tolga Cilingir who drives a Lancer Evo9 was in 2nd place after first and second runs with 1,8 seconds. The team had decided to put rain tyres on just before the 3rd run and tried to take advantage on Cilingir’s rivals.

Team Director Serkan Duru’s risky move had worked perfectly well and after the 3rd and the final run, Cilingir won the Category 3 with 11,7 seconds ahead.

Tolga said:” We had to risk everything. We gambled on rain but at the end of the day, we won the race. So, I am glad that our Director Serkan Duru had decided to put rain tyres on. If it would be dry at the last run, I was planning to force to the end but we didn’t even needed to force it. This result is a great motivation for me and my team.”

Next round on Turkish Hillclimb Championship will be held on 30-31 May 2009 at Izmir.

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