Soylemez at 5th place

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Rally fans are happy with off-season event Castrol Istanbul Local Rally Championship. Teams can get points from 3 rallies of this local championship and two of them has already organised.

When the National Championship is over and teams are waiting for the upcoming seasons first event, they are able to practise and as well as have fun.

Toksport”s Evo9 driver Mustafa Soylemez and his co-driver Bora Arabaci decided to join the local championship but they already missed the first event. However, they could find a good place at the ranking table after the second rally of the series. Mr Soylemez on his Evo9”s wheel, finished the second rally 5th overall and class N4. He found himself 8th overall at the championship ranking. Last round of the series will be organised on 25th of January.

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