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Between Porsche Sport Driving School’s sport driving events and the Porsche brand cups for professional race drivers, the Porsche Sports Cup offers the optimal entry into Porsche motor sports.

The Porsche Sports Cup encompasses six race series in all – from the Porsche Sports Cup Experience to the PZ-Driver’s Cup and PZ-Trophy consistency trials to the Porsche Sports Cup, Porsche Super Sports Cup and Porsche Sports Cup Endurance – an event suited to every level of driving ability.

The race weekends are held at famous tracks, including Hockenheim, the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps.

Porsche drivers who are at least in possession of a national DMSB-A-License can measure their skills in four different series. They can choose between PZ-Trophy, an equability challenge which requires at least a national A-Level DMSB-License. Furthermore the sprint races Porsche Sports Cup (with Michelin series tires) and Porsche Super Sports Cup (with Michelin racing tires) or the Porsche Sports Cup Endurance with 2 races, 50 minutes racetime each, carried out one after another directly. For these competitions is at least a international D-Level License required.

The surveys and series are a challenge for pilots of all skill levels and teach the pure fun of driving a Porsche. Sprint races, long distance races, pit stops, driver changes, overtaking, starting position, finishing - terms which promise excitement.

Hockenheimring 19.05 – 20.05 2018

Red Bull Ring 16.06 – 17.06 2018

Nürburgring 21.07 – 22.07 2018

Oschersleben 11.08 – 12.08 2018

Spa-Francorchamps, 08.09 – 10.09 2018

Hockenheimring 20.10 – 21.10.2018